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By Reginald Alango

When it comes to technology, the developers are the people you would not want to dismiss at this day and age. Most of them are spending the time to develop amazing technologies which the world are yet to fathom as some work for future innovations. Tech giants in Estonia are taking things to the next level as they are set to open the world’s first data Embassy.

It seems countries are trying to keep up with the ever changing and developing technology and that is why many of them are in a race to provide people with the latest technology in the market.

We know how the internet is no longer safe these days with many cyber security experts looking for ways to avoid the issue of hacking of the system and looking for ways which they would be able to stop the issue. The country is known to have suffered a cyber-attack in the year 2007 when it was reported that the attacks came from Russia and more than 60 websites which included government websites and banks. The websites were shut down but no information was lost during the cyber-attack since Estonia had been backing up all its information in a secure way.

These are some of the measures that have led Estonia to build a data embassy that will be capable of backing up crucial and critical information such as top government documents, taxes, identification documents and legislations. This would help them in avoiding future cyber-attacks and in the case of a big crisis, then the authentication services would still be in operation.

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“The virtual data embassy’s main goal is to guarantee the country’s digital continuity: the capacity to start the systems when necessary and retrieve data from externally stored versions,” said Emilie Toomela, a spokeswoman for the ministry of communications and economics.

Any operating government has the mandate to protect the lives of its citizens even online from frequent cyber-attacks. With such innovations in place, the Estonian community has developed some of the most advanced technologies that it would be hard for them to go back to analog and use things such as paper.

“We have back-up data storage facilities in Estonia, but in order to be prepared for any occasion, if, for example, the state suffers a large-scale cyber-attack, natural disaster or a conventional attack on a datacenter – we need back-up sites outside our borders,” said Siim Sikkut, the government’s ICT policy adviser.


Estonia has gone a step forward to ensure that other countries in the European Union also to have a data Embassy in Betzdorf in the eastern part or side of Luxembourg. The two countries have been having talks on how well to secure data online and it’s official that they are most likely to sign an agreement sometime in the summer this year. Just as the countries have the physical embassies of their respective countries, the plan is to have a modern embassy that can store vital information online. This will be an example to the rest of the world that Estonia has set.


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