Impact of Wearable Technology

By Lisa G

The first wearable technology was introduced in the early 13th by French Dominicans who invented wearable eyeglasses. In this 21st century, technology is overwhelming our daily life, and the Internet of Things revolution has grown enormously. This technical evolution changed the wearable technology and changed the way our ancestors experienced their daily life and saw the universe. From day to night, wearable technology is tracking our movement, reporting on health and fitness, changing the business industries, and social interactions. 

Statistics of wearable technology:

·       71% of Americans reported that wearable devices changed their daily life and improved their health.

·       The total valuation of Wearable devices was mere $6.3 million in 2010 which has increased over $5.1 Billion in 2014. And, the estimated growth will be nearly 12.6 Billion by the end of this year.

·       56% British people said, wearable technology boosted their self-confidence and this technology is improving their lifestyle than what it was before.

Looking at the statistics, it’s convincible that wearable technology is changing our daily life, thus has a great impact from the social point of view. 

Usages of wearable devices:

Over the last couple of years, Wearable devices became so popular among most of the generations and having the golden age of growth. Here are some of the common uses of Wearable technology:


·  Fitness tracker, smartwatches can monitor body temperature, heart rate, track movements, and notify users of daily exercise.

·  Smart watches such as Google Glass and the Recon Jet can monitor destinations, traffic, locations based services. And also improve the lifestyle by offering better interactions with the world around a user.

·  Smart Headphones can monitor heart rate and generate audio environment regarding the mental condition of the user,

·  Using Internet of Things, smart devices, shoes, and clothes can monitor user’s health and act as a personal medical assistant.

·  3D VR and AR devices can give the virtual reality experiences and real-life user experience.





Impact of Wearable technology:

These wearable devices may be tiny but it turns out to have a large impact on our social life. The scope and area can be covered by the wearable technology are limitless.

Healthcare and Fitness: From the beginning of using wearable technology, the main idea was to obtain more and more health care from this devices. Wearables are becoming the best assistants for us. It can empower patients and practitioners from different aspects. Using internet of things and cloud technology, these wearable devices able to gather information and analyze them to suggest the appropriate resolutions which are efficient for both doctors and patients. For an example: MIT engineering students developed a thermodynamic wrist bracelet that can generate a hot and cold waveform to maintain the comfortable body temperature. And some of the wearable devices are available which can monitor blood pressure and heart rate to inform the user about the ongoing and upcoming diet.

Marketing and Business Industries: Wearable technology such as wristband and smart eyeglasses are improving the marketing experience. Imagine a device that can detect consumers by accessing their data and determine their needs. It will not only allows the best business experience but also showcase your brands to the public. Wearable technology has come this far to give the marketing experience a serious boost. For a salesperson, using remote devices such as smartphones, laptops and other devices are common to continue the connection between the digital world and the products. But, Wearable technology allows them to minimize the destructions of carrying heavy devices do the same work using the smart wearables such as smartwatches. It is also ensuring the less interruption and more productivity.

Customer Support and IT: Using wearable devices, companies are able to provide unparalleled levels of customer services to their consumers. Oil rig workers, medical device representatives, and other remote service technicians can access to live data from the consumers using wearable technologies. Thus, provides a real-time and all hand-free services. Improvement and availability of cloud platform and IoT and using wearable devices like smart glasses and watches encouraging the employees to get healthy working conditions and increase their productivity towards the clients.

Security: Passwords and credentials are important to all of us. These credentials can be the bank or credit card information or the key to some sensitive data which can be stolen or misused. Wearable technology can solve security issues with an ease. Different wearable devices can integrate the payment options or remember the important password for you. Wearables can be used to activate multifactor verification for your important login passwords as well. This would increase the privacy and better security controls over your activities.

 Social connectivity: Having a wearable wouldn't solely make sure to get updates from your social networks on the fly, additionally it can make sure that you'll be able to manage your social media within a short amount of time. Taking the Google Glass into perspective, it's insanely straightforward to update your Facebook and Twitter channels directly from your Glass. And, with the additional ease of recording videos, it might additionally imply YouTube to create a lot of content!


Are there any drawbacks to using Wearable technology?

While Wearables will be the next big technical revolution in the world, getting overly involved may produce some bad impacts on our society. Interacting more with wearable technology rather than the real environment can irritate people near us. And, getting addicted to smart wearable devices such as glasses or VR can create mental disorder or manipulate the social behavior. Too much of everything isn’t great for anyone and can lead to various interruptions in our daily life. Yet, we can determine how efficiently this wearable technology can be used to increase productivity and getting comfortable.

Like smartphones, wearable technology has great potential. Not long ago, wearable devices were just the idea which is now becoming the reality and rapidly growing market in the international marketplace. With this overwhelming growth of popularity, the future of the wearable technology is so bright which can also concern people about the information and interconnectivity.

Lisa G is founder of You Are Tech and enjoys evangelizing the greatness of tech through mentorship. She is the curator of cool things of media & tech