2018 tech trends

Top Technology trends that are likely to change the market in 2018

It is not a rumor that companies such as Amazon, Tesla and Apple are leading in advancements in augmented reality. Tesla is already working on its autonomous cars which will soon hit the road whereas Amazon is working tireless to come up with voice-enabled speakers. 2018 is indeed going to be a good year especially for the tech companies.

Amazon’s voice-enabled speakers

Voice assistants are not new to the world market and we know that Amazon released a good product by the name Alexa which hit the world by surprise in 2014. As time is progressing, companies such as Amazon and Apple are coming up with voice-enabled speakers which will be one of the biggest trends next year.

It is interesting that Amazon now offers a range and a variety of Alex-powered devices that are capable of doing almost everything like even giving you help in the kind of cloth that you should wear and even be able to call an Uber on your behalf.

Most of Amazons products range from around $50- $230 which gives makes it possible for the company to take a very large share of the voice-enabled speakers.

There seems to be a fierce competition between Google and Amazon, because Google recently released around two new home speakers which make Google to have a total of around 3 speakers. They are retailing at a cost of around $50 to $400

Projections are that the smart speaker market will rapidly grow to around 8 billion by the year 2020. Next year will be the year that Amazon will maximize since most consumers will begin adapting to the devices. Competition between Google, Apple and Amazon will push the voice-enabled speakers to the next level.

Autonomous Vehicles

A lot has been achieved by tech companies with an intention of revolutionizing the motor industry. Telsa has been working tirelessly to produce autonomous cars and one of its tests is slated for later this year where the car will drive itself from Los Angeles to New York.

The company is already producing its cars and has made sure that installs hardware that gives the cars full autonomy. They are also working and improving on their software’s that will work well with the hardware. Tesla is expected to roll out from November this year with 2018 being its apex as consumers look forward to the self-driving cars.

Companies such as General Motors are also rolling up their sleeves to produce self-driving cars. It can be confirmed that the company has already produced 130 autonomous cars. 

Augmented reality

2018 is poised to be the year that augmented reality will grow with companies such as Apple being on the fore front. It is good that Apple updated its operating system iOS with the capability of running augmented reality apps.

Analysts believe that the next huge business is augmented reality and tech companies should begin to use it. One company by the name MarketsandMarkets believes that by 2023 augmented reality will be worth $61 billion.

Apple is also rumored to be working on its own augmented reality glasses which may be launched in the next 3 years.

Companies such as Google are moving fast to cement themselves as leading in augmented reality and it is this year that the company has released an augmented reality kit- ARCore that can enable developers to develop more AR apps. 2018 will be a big year for tech developers as they will be coming up with great apps.

Most of the tech ideas going around this year are most likely to be the top technology trends in 2018 and beyond.

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