At A Glance 

You Are Tech is an independent media property covering the intersection of technology, culture, and education. Our objective is to highlight trends & news, enlighten readers about products, apps, and hacks, learn new skills from pros, and showcase the diversity in tech.

Through a variety of original content, compelling stories, exclusive interviews, and shareable media across multiple platforms, You Are Tech provides its audience with the information and means to become well versed in all-things computers and electronics. The site is dedicated to aiding those looking to discover a deeper passion for, or transition into a career in technology.

Our Story 

With a mission to help people develop their personal understanding of the wide-range and reach in the technology industry, as well as the various career opportunities it can provide – You Are Tech was formed. 

For the last decade, Lisa Godwin has produced products, platforms, and opportunities for brands and businesses and in early 2017 felt it was time to bring her knowledge, expertise, and experience to the community of tech-lovers and next-gen techies. 

Her innate understanding of the multi-faceted field serves as the blueprint for all of You Are Tech’s content, courses, and programs. Through a signature lens of _____ and inclusivity, Lisa and the You Are Tech team provide advice, guidance, and a clear roadmap to enable each reader to shape their futures.